Complete Services

Complete Scope of Services

From project conception to commissioning, and continuing after adjusting the final bolts, BIOFerm offers assistance throughout the entire process. We are committed to providing successful biogas projects to our clients – our company ensures digesters will produce the biogas output agreed upon and offers the industry’s most thorough Performance Guarantee & Warranty.

Project Conception

Identification of specific needs and requirements
Evaluation of applicable technologies
Project modeling

Feasibility Analysis

Energy requirements
Biomass analysis
Economic feasibility
Establish operational parameters
Plant design contract
Project cost estimation

Project Development

Turnkey application of technology solutions
Management of plant construction
Equipment installation and validation
Monitoring of plant start-up and trial period
Training of facility operator
Guaranteed minimum gas production level attained
Plant validation by independent certifying body

Post Sales Support

Logistics partners for additional support including operation
Extended warranty options
Recalibration for changes in input