For agricultural operations, manure management is one of their most important responsibilities, especially today with the growing emphasis on sustainability. Anaerobic digesters and renewable natural gas (RNG) upgrading are two systems that can not only manage waste streams, but also bring many benefits – financial and environmental – to an operation.

As an output, digestate can be processed into many beneficial applications – including animal bedding and nutrient-rich fertilizer. Produced biogas can be used directly to generate electricity, upgraded for injection to the natural gas grid or upgraded and liquified to vehicle fuel.

Incentives for rural businesses at the state and federal level have never been better. Coupled with traditional and alternative financing mechanisms, many operations are finding ways to implement renewable energy systems on a cash-flow positive basis with rapid payback. In addition, many states offer grants for anaerobic digesters and gas upgrading systems.

BIOFerm Solutions for Agriculture

CSTR Digester

Improve your nutirent management plan and produce a raw biogas that can be used for onsite heat & power.

Gas Upgrading

Process your biogas to valuable pipeline-quality renewable natural gas (RNG).


Our specialized activated carbons were developed for the biogas industry to remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) & volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Featured project – Anaerobic digestion

Rosendale Dairy, home to 8,500 cows, had a BIOFerm anaerobic digester system installed in 2013 to generate renewable energy from manure and tackle environment concerns.

The system was built as a partnership between the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (UWO) and Rosendale Dairy. About 350 tons of manure per day are processed in the two continuously-stirred tank reactor (CSTR) digester tanks.

Featured project – Gas Upgrading

Vir Clar Farms, home to 2,000 cows, had previously installed an anaerobic digester to help manage their manure. In 2022, BIOFerm installed a 1-Stage Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) gas upgrading plant on their operation to generation renewable natural gas for pipeline injection.