About BIOFerm

Founded in 2007, BIOFerm is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin and provides turnkey anaerobic digestion, gas upgrading and solar energy systems across the US and Canada.

From project conception to commissioning and operation, we can handle every aspect of the process and are committed to providing successful renewable energy projects to our customers.

Our range of biogas solutions allows for seamless integration into a variety of different operations, including agricultural operations, landfills, municipalities, wastewater treatment plants, and more!

Our Vision

BIOFerm is committed to becoming the industry leading one-stop shop for turnkey facilities that generate value for waste producers and communities throughout North America.

Our core Values

BIOFerm strives to be the right CHOICE:

Collaboration – We believe working together both internally and with our customers is critical to success.

Honesty – We conduct business in an open and transparent manner.

Ownership – We accept responsibility for our work and take pride in what we do.

Improvement – We look for opportunities to build on prior experiences.

Creativity – We encourage innovation and foster solutions that move the industry forward.

Environmental impact – We are conscious of our choices and believe that what’s good for business and what’s good for the environment should be one and the same.


Establishment of BIOFerm Energy Systems in North America, a subsidiary of Viessmann Group
Commissioned the first ever large scale dry fermentation plant (FERMITIGO) in North America for the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh
Commissioned a small-scale FERMIGMA digester for Wisconsin dairy farm
Commissioned a FERMADOR digester facility for Rosendale Dairy
Commissioned a FERMIGMA and FERMADOR of the WWTP digester
Awarded American Biogas Council Project of the Year for Rosendale Dairy digester facility
Awarded American Biogas Council Project of the Year for UW-Oshkosh facility
Became independent from Viessmann Group
Commissioned a BIOVIS P1200 gas upgrading system for Seaboard Energy
Commissioned the first BIOVIS P2500 2-Stage gas upgrading system in North America for the County of Dane
Commissioned a BIOVIS P3000 landfill gas upgrading system for Montauk Energy
Awarded American Biogas Council Project of the Year for Dane County Landfill
Commissioned a FERMITIGO dry fermentation plant for the City of Edmonton
Launched our line of Xpel activated carbon for desulfurization and VOC removal
Commissioned a BIOVIS P2500 2-Stage gas upgrading system for Coastal Plains
Commissioned a BIOVIS P500 1-Stage gas upgrading system on Wisconsin dairy farm