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2018 – Dane County installs BIOFerm’s Carbotech 2 stage pressure swing adsorption gas upgrading system to purifying landfill biogas for pipeline injection.


2017 – High Plans Bioenergy/Seaboard Foods installs BIOFerm’s Carbotech pressure swing adsorption gas upgrading system to purifying AD biogas for pipeline injection.

2015 – City of Edmonton, Alberta and University of Alberta announce municipal anaerobic digestion project with our BIOFerm Dry Fermentation (aka high solids) technology

2013 – Ribbon cutting for expansion to the EUCO® Titan plant System at KB BioEnergy for processing biosolids from the wastewater facility

2013 – Ribbon cutting for digester at Rosendale Dairy

2013 – Construction start for COCCUS system at Rosendale Dairy, Wisconsin’s largest dairy with 8,500 head

2012 – Construction start for EUCOlino at Allen Farms–small diary with 136 head

2012 – BIOFerm™ introduces the “plug and play” biogas plant EUCOlino, designed for small farm applications, to the US market.

2011 –  Construction start for the expansion to the EUCO® Titan plant System at KB BioEnergy (formerly KB Compost) in Akron, Ohio

2010 – Construction start of the dry fermentation plant at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, plant is commissioned in the fall of 2011

2007 – Establishment of BIOFerm™ Energy Systems to address the needs of the North American market.

2007 – BIOFerm™ becomes part of Viessmann Group, a world leader in heating and renewable energy technologies

2004 – Construction of first BIOFerm™ plant outside of the EU in Japan with a 150kW capacity.

2001 – Construction of the first pilot plant in Waldmuenchen, Germany with an installed capacity of 37 KW.

2001 – Awarded with the silver medal for innovations“ by the German agriculture association.

2000 – Establishment of BIOFerm GmbH, Germany