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BIOFerm Activated Carbon Media

BIOFerm is one of the industry's top technology providers of gas processing equipment, and are an exclusive North Amerian supplier for Germany's top powdered, granulated, and extruded activated carbons, BIOFerm brings in experience from decades of engineering, equipment procurement, installation, commissioning, and operations. The use of special activated carbon products from BIOFerm makes permanently reliable and cost effective solutions possible.


We have decade-long experience in the application of Potassium-Iodide impregnated activated carbons for the desulphurization of gases. Our know-how finds itself in our products and is applied in plants throughout the world.


The production of our products is under our control. We activate and impregnate our products in our own plant and monitor carefully the production. Only an exact and sophisticated impregnation guarantees a stable performance which is continuously monitored in our laboratory.


We challenge ourselves with every product from our competitors. 1 m3 of our

D-SULF 40 can adsorb approximately 200 kg of sulphur, which is comparable to the most activated carbon products from our market competitors

However, if it is necessary to remove high concentrations of H2S, or to have a longer life time, we recommend our D-SULF 80 which can adsorb up to 360 kg of Sulphur for 1 m3 of our product.


We stand for quality and will continue to strive to be the best in the industry. We are continuously working to adapt our prices so that you can buy for the best prices, without compromising on the product characteristics.

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