BIOFermTM is proud to have some of the highest repeat business in the anaerobic digester industry. Here are just a few things our clients have to say about their digesters.


“Using our organic waste provides incredible promise for the environmental and energy sustainability of small-herd family dairy farming. I’m hoping other farmers invest in this technology to become completely self-sufficient when it comes to meeting their heating and electrical needs. A digester can heat their houses, shops, and water, power their operations, dry their grains, and create fertilizer.

It’s a win-win situation. I’m taking the manure I already have, making energy, and the greenhouse gas, methane, isn’t being released into the atmosphere like it would have.

After learning more about the compact digester, completing a feasibility study, and receiving support form Wisconsin’s State Energy Program, it was easy move forward with installing a digester on our farm and becoming a partner with BIOFermTM and the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.” – Dave Allen, owner of Allen Farms


“[Rosendale Dairy had] been looking for the right group to build and run a digester near our site and use our product to intensify even more the sustainability of the farm. We are quite happy to see the results of a long road and look forward to seeing our product help in the creation of green energy by the end of 2013. BIOFermTM has been extremely professional in any dealings it has had with the dairy and has made itself available to dairy personal, local government and interested parties with candid openness.” – Jim Ostrom, President and CEO of MilkSource


“BIOFermTM Energy Systems is a stellar partner and source of knowledge and innovation for the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh and the state of Wisconsin. This company’s vision and expertise are truly driving renewable energy solutions. We are particularly proud of how collaborative the company’s representatives have been with our College of Letters and Science students and faculty. BIOFermTM has helped put these current and future scientists into ‘the driver’s seat,’ giving them the opportunity to operate biodigesters as the high-powered scientific instruments they are. That provides our students an education like no other. Both BIOFermTM and its parent company Viessmann Group have demonstrated a kind of on-the-ground support and investment in higher education that is mutually-beneficial to all partners involved” – Arthur Rathjen, Foundation President Executive Director of Advancement, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh


“When we saw the EUCO Titan system, we wanted it; their reactors were processing manure slurry at 30 percent solids while our municipal technology achieved 3 to 5 percent solids. Compared with composting, this process is cleaner, has a smaller footprint and is less costly to manage. That is the return on our investment.” – Annette Berger, VP of Operations , KB BioEnergy