BIOFerm is committed to finding a high quality solution to your solar energy needs. We offer complete turn-key installation of solar energy systems for businesses, public authorities, and other commercial entities. BIOFerm has made a large investment in solar and with growing staff of professionals, with past experience with solar energy, we can design and install solar electric systems of any size.

The Bioferm Dual-Tilt roof mounting technology offers many advantages for commercial flat roof installations. The optimized design for rooftop applications has shifted to one that is installed with an “east-west” orientation, and that sits at a shallower tilt angle. At the core of each subsystem is the inverter, as well as a monitoring and logging system that allows you to access your site data anytime and anywhere.


Dual-Tilt has:

> Increased power density
> Increased self consumption
> Reduced Ballast Requirement



> Reduced BOS cost per KW
> Lower profile
> More consistent power throughout the day


Bifacial Module 

This panel generates power from the front and rear side.

     > Fit for white color roofs with good sunlight reflection         or in heavy snow fall areas
     > The front side generates better energy yield with             excellent low irradiance performance and                         temperature coefficient
      > The rear side enables additional energy harvesting           from the back side up to 25%


Flexible Module 

This  flexible module can be stretched along any exterior.

     > Ultra-thin and 70% lighter than conventional solar panels
     > Light weight characteristic makes it far less costly to                 transport and install
     > Made with Si cells, in comparison to the expensive thin             film cells other companies may use.


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