High Plains Bioenergy/Seaboard Foods Gas Uprgrading

High Plains Bioenergy/Seaboard Foots

High Plains Bioenergy (HPB), a subsidiary of Seaboard Foods and major North American food processor, installed a Carbotech Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) gas upgrading plant from BIOFerm Energy Systems in 2017 to generate renewable natural gas (RNG) for pipeline injection.

HPB traditionally fueled boilers with the gas generated from anaerobic digestion of pork processing waste, but identified gas upgrading and grid injection as a sustainable, alternative use for their gas to enable the highest return.

Project Background

  • Customer: HPB/Seaboard Foods
  • Seaboard Foods: Processes 5.5 million hogs/year
  • Gas source: Covered anaerobic digestion lagoons
  • Location: Guymon, Oklahoma
  • Gas upgrading tech: Carbotech PSA
  • Operational: End of July 2017

Fuel Output


  • RNG: ~400 million scf/year
  • Gas gallon equivalent: 3,371,500 (GGE)/ year

Project Gas Upgrading Specifications

  • Carbotech PSA: BUP2000
  • Footprint (L x W): 5,000 ft2
  • Gas utilization: Pipeline injection
  • Energy content: >950 BTU/scf
  • Pipeline reqs: Exceeds DCP
    pipeline specs
  • Raw gas capacity: 1,200 scfm
  • Raw gas: 68% CH4, 24% CO2, >4,000 ppm H2S
  • Product gas: 850 scfm