Environmental Research and Innovation Center (ERIC)

Feedstock analysis is available at the biogas testing facility built through the BIOFerm™ Energy Systems and University of Wisconsin Oshkosh partnership. This facility, the Environmental Research and Innovation Center (ERIC), serves as a research and testing center for feedstock and biogas studies while also offering a variety of other environmental testing services.

Detailed feedstock analysis and biogas testing is essential for BIOFerm’s in-house engineering staff to complete preliminary design services for any AD project.

ERIC Testing Capabilities

  • Determination of pH
  • Determination of Dry Matter and Organic Dry Matter
  • Fermentation Batch Test
  • Methane Analysis via GC
  • Volatile Fatty Acids via GC
  • Microbial Inhibition
  • BOD Five-Day
  • TOC on Solids
  • COD, Total
  • Nitrogen, Total Kjedahl as Nitrogen on Solids
  • Nitrogen, Total as N on Solids
  • Phosphorus, Total Recoverable as P by ICP
  • Percent Alkalinity
  • Carbon
  • Bulk Density


If you would like to submit samples for testing, please contact us.