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Our Company – BIOFerm Energy Systems,

BIOFermTM Energy Systems is a leading provider of turnkey anaerobic digestion and gas upgrading facilities in North America, with experience over 500 anaerobic digester installations and 900 PSA installations.

Communities, wastewater treatment plants, campuses, food processors, landfills, agricultural operations, composters and other producers of organic waste or biogas can create value by repurposing their waste streams or upgrading their biogas with BIOFerm.

Turnkey Anaerobic Digestion and Gas Upgrading Systems

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, our company has expertise in design, engineering, construction, operation and management of turnkey biogas projects. Our company offers a suite ofbiogas technologies to North America: biogas upgrading facilities in addition to dry fermentation, wet fermentation, hybrid, and small-scale AD systems. With these diverse systems, we can seamlessly integrate waste management solutions into each operations’ individual waste stream.

Additionally, we offer the industry’s best performance guarantee and have one of the highest occurrences of repeat business. To ensure support from project start to completion, we offer a complete Scope of Services.

Biogas from anaerobic digestion can be combusted in a combined heat and power unit (CHP), producing renewable heat and electricity. Biogas alternatively can be upgraded to renewable natural gas (RNG) for use as vehicle fuel in the form of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquified natural gas (LNG), or injected into the natural gas pipeline. Further, utilizing digestate—material remaining after anaerobic digestion—provides value as fertilizer, compost, or a high-quality organic products.