EUCO Titan Plant System

The EUCO Titan plant system is designed for large industrial-scale applications. Multiple COCCUS® complete-mix tanks are usually combined with EUCO® plug-flow technology to process large amounts of feedstock with a higher solids content.

Pairing these technologies allows the system flexibility to accept a wide range of solid and/or liquid materials from various industrial and municipal sources. This system has the potential to co-digest waste from industries including but not limited to:

  • Municipal waste water treatment applications, including sludge and biosolids
  • „„Beverage industry, including breweries and wineries
  • „„Food processors, including vegetable and meat processors and bakeries

Systems can be tailored to suit the unique attributes of an individual waste stream, maximizing treatment efficiency and biogas output.

Waste Treatment

The EUCO® Titan system can be implemented as a waste treatment solution; treating waste onsite is a more cost-effective solution than hauling it away by avoiding transportation costs.

There are a number of ways to integrate EUCO® Titan into an existing process flow, such as a waste treatment operation. Additional systems can be connected to provide effluent storage, feedstock separation and tanks for supplementary feedstock. Creating renewable fuel, electricity, or heat helps make an operation energy independent and protects from fluctuating energy prices. Electricity can be used to power the processing operation and nearby buildings, process heat can be used to heat buildings or the water in food processing applications, and fuel can be used for fleet vehicles or gas grid injection.

EUCO Titan at Akron, OH’s Wastewater Treatment Plant: KB BioEnergy

The digester facility at KB BioEnergy is an EUCO® Titan system (3 COCCUS® digester tanks + 3 EUCO®  digesters), and was the first of its kind installed in the U.S. Material entering the EUCO® undergoes hydrolysis where solid feedstocks are liquefied and large molecular chains are broken down. The EUCO® discharge provides the second-stage COCCUS® digester with pre-processed feedstock for optimal energy conversion. Additionally, liquid wastes are fed directly to the COCCUS® units. Gas production occurs at both the EUCO® and COCCUS® stage with the production volume split roughly 50/50 between the two stages.

For more information on the KB BioEnergy facility, visit:

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