Plug Flow Digester: EUCO

EUCO® Plug Flow Anaerobic Digester

EUCO® is a plug flow digester with agitation that is designed to run at the mesophillic temperature range. The steel tank has a rectangular footprint and has a horizontal paddle mixer than runs the full length of the tank. The mixer is powered by planetary drive units at both ends. The tank is heated through the horizontal mixer shaft. Solid material is loaded into the tank via the PASCO® feeder system. Liquid feedstock is pumped from a CALIX reception pit.

EUCO® Titan

EUCO® is often combined with COCCUS® tanks. In this plant design, EUCO® primarily liquefies the feedstock through hydrolysis and serves as first stage in the digestion process. Even in this design, 50% of the gas production occur in the EUCO®.

EUCO® Mono

The EUCO® Mono plant system is specifically suited for substances with a high proportion of dry matter such as corn and grass silage and solid manure. It is a particularly compact design and can be implemented where space is limited as it is not combined with a circular digester.