Low Solids Digester: COCCUS

COCCUS® – Complete-Mix, Low Solids Digester

The COCCUS® complete-mix anaerobic digester is considered a low solids (or “wet”) digester designed to process organic waste materials with a solids content of  8-12% TS.

Our COCCUS® tank technology is well suited for processing large amounts of:

  • Liquid manure
  • Biosolids
  • Food waste
  • Energy crops
  • Other low solids waste

COCCUS® digester tanks are available in different sizes and can be combined to meet specific needs of individual projects; the organic waste processing range is ~ 7,000 tons per year and up, depending on tank size and expansions.

Our tanks have a reinforced concrete design equipped with 2- 3 REMEX® paddle mixers. The drive motor of these mixers is mounted onto the outside wall of the tank so that only the polyamide bearings are located inside the fermenter. COCCUS® tanks are heated through hydronic heating installed onto the interior tank wall. Biological desulfurization is integrated into the wooden roof structure of the gas storage which provides for a cost effective removal of a large part of the hydrogen sulfide.

A case study of COCCUS® processing manure at Wisconsin’s largest dairy, Rosendale, can be accessed here.

A case study of COCCUS® processing biosolids at a wastewater treatment facility for the City of Akron, Ohio can be found here.


COCCUS® Titan is designed for large industrial-scale biogas plants. Multiple COCCUS® tanks are usually combined with EUCO technology to process large amounts of feedstock material with low solids content.