Rosendale Dairy

Rosendale Dairy

Digester with PileRosendale Dairy, the largest dairy in Wisconsin, installed a 1.4 MW wet fermentation digester system in the Spring of 2013. The project includes not only utilizing manure from the dairy’s 8,500 cows to make biogas, but also the creation of a public education center and a research laboratory for UW-Oshkosh students and staff. The site will also serve as a training facility for future biogas operators. The project is the third digester in collaboration between the University of Wisconsin—Oshkosh and BIOFerm™ Energy Systems.

Plant Dimensions and Process

The anaerobic digestion portion of the facility’s footprint is approximately 12,059 square feet: the two COCCUS tanks are a combined 10,053 square feet, the pump building is 506 square feet, the mechanical building is 1,080 square feet and the separator mezzanine is 420 square feet.

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To meet the Power Purchase Agreement, the plant system is designed to process approximately 350 tons of manure a day.

Power Production

1.4 MWelcontinuous power engine (combined heat and power unit, CHP)

  • 1.4 MW electric capacity
  •  1.5 MW thermal capacity

Expected annual energy production

  • 11.8 million kWh electrical production
  •  12.5 million MMBTU thermal production